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Pooh Reflecting
Pooh Reflecting

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Outside Dunny

Like all houses in my childhood, we had an outside 'dunny' or toilet.  This was non-sewered - a can placed under the wooden seat for collection of the 'waste'.  Very smelly, what with the combination of the waste itself, but also the additive that was supposed to prevent the smell but had a unique smell of its own.  Probably phenyl if I remember correctly.
Our dunny was in the back yard behind the playhouse, shed, woodshed and chook house.  Quite a hike, especially if you were in a hurry!  Of course for night time needs we used a 'potty', kept under the bed.

This site provides a good description of 'dunnies' - but don't click on it if you are likely to be offended by a bit of 'blue' language.

Dunnies by Warren Fahey

The waste was removed, not at night time as is commonly believed, by the dunny can man.  He carried in an empty can, and took away the full one - carefully covered by a secured lid!

Oh how we relished the day when our indoor, plumbed toilet was installed.  In those days - sometime in the 60s I guess - toilets had to have rubber floor covering.  This was approximately 1/4" (1/2cm) thick and very flexible.  As the workman was trimming the floor covering to fit, he created several strips about 1" (2.5cm) and 12" (30cm) long.  Muggins me suggested to Mum that one of the strips would make a good strap for when John and I were naughty.  She agreed completely, and from that day on the strap lived in the middle drawer in the kitchen.  It was used, occasionally, and threatened often!  One day it mysteriously disappeared - and I genuinely don't know where it went.

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