Pooh Reflecting

Pooh Reflecting
Pooh Reflecting

Sunday, July 31, 2011


I was one of the lucky ones - I went to Kinder.  This was located in Vincent Road near the corner of Churchill Road.  because it was so close I remember being allowed to walk to Kinder by myself.  I used to go down the lane, then over Churchill Road to the empty paddock on the other side, then across the paddock to the Kinder.
I loved doing paintings on big sheets of butcher paper held up on easels - just like these two girls.
 I also remember the Wendy House corner, where we dressed up and played House.  It wasn't exactly the same as this, but did have wooden cupboards and appliances.
The Kinder was next to the Infant Welfare Centre, where Mum used to go with us as babies for our check ups.  I remember going there once and playing with the toys while Mum was talking to the Sister with John.  When it came time to leave Mum asked me what I should say - meaning, thank you for letting me play with the toys.  I clearly remember saying "Thank You", and then attempting to take the toy I had in my hand away with me.  I can't exactly remember what it was, but have vague recollections of it being something made of tin cans and wood.

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