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Pooh Reflecting
Pooh Reflecting

Friday, July 29, 2011

Lucky Toffees and Umbrella Lollipops

When we went to the Rintoull Street shops we used to buy Lucky Toffees and Umbrella Lollipops.
The lollipops looked just like these, but they were different colours and if I remember correctly they were more opaque and sugar-coated.

The Lucky toffees cost 3d each, and if you were 'lucky' the one you bought had a sixpence in the bottom of the toffee.  I don't think they had coloured sprinkles on top - maybe coconut, but they were in little patty pans like these.  Oooh!  They were yummy - even if you didn't get the 6d!

Other favourite lollies - but strangely I only remember really buying them from the shop near Wattle Park in Melbourne (near Nan's house) - were Big Boss chocloate cigars and Fags.  Fags are now called Fads!  I must admit we used to pretend to smoke them - even though no-one in the family was a smoker.

Big Boss Cigars
 Also liked Choo Choo Bars!  Don't think the wrappers were exactly like this though - think this is a more modern rendition.

And while I'm on treats - something else I loved when I was growing up was a Lime Spider!  Nowadays they are usually just not the same - they should be made with lime flavouring, lemonade, and icecream.  But today they are usually made with lime flavoured softdrink and icecream, and they are just NOT the same.


  1. Hi Jan, we are the same age and I recall all of those. Also Jersey toffee, which we used to get when we went to the pictures. I lived in Ballarat where we could catch the tram, get in to the Saturday arvo flicks and buy a lolly for 2 bob. My friends and I used to go, when we were 10 or so, can't see many parents letting their kids do that these days. Someone told me just this week that they heard that it was going to be made illegal to let children walk to school on their own. I hope it was just an urban myth.

  2. So do I! Hope it's an urban myth that is. But, yes, I also remember Jersey toffee.