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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Church of Christ

I always went to Church when I was growing up - in fact did so until I went away to College at 18.  In my teen years I often went twice - once in the morning because it was the main service, and once at night because it was more informal and I really enjoyed it.  Mind you, all services at the Church of Christ were more informal than anything at the Church of England or Catholic churches.
This photo was taken in April 2000.  It is just as I remember it.  To the right of the Church was the Hall.  At some time in the 70s the two buildings were joined with an extension that connected them, and provided indoor toilets and a modernised kitchen.
I believe the building is now a private house, since the Church moved to another location.

This article about the Church came from the Morwell Historical Society newsletter of June 2003:

Meetings were initially held in the Scout Hall led by Mr. J. G. Shaw. The Shire
Council approved plans in July 1950 for the construction of a new church building. 
The site selected was near the corner of Church and Winifred Streets, diagonally opposite the site of the “La Mode” clothing factory.  The final service conducted at the Scout Hall occurred on Sunday, 2nd. November 1952.
The Winifred Street Chapel was officially dedicated on Saturday, 8th. November 1952, the service which began at 3.30 p.m. was led by Mr. W. W. Saunders, President of the Victorian Churches of Christ.  Also in attendance were Canon Phillips (Anglican Church), Rev. G. Williams (Baptist Church), Rev. R. Hunt (Methodist Church), the Shire of Morwell was represented by the president - Cr. Alan Hall.
The Chapel was built by the congregation. 
The honour of turning the key in the door went to two stalwarts of the church, Mr. E. H. Reid and Mrs. C. Blucher.  After the dedication service a special Tea was held at the Town Hall from 5 p.m.   A special service of “Praise and Thanksgiving” began at 7 p.m.  The guest speaker at this service was Mr. E. L. Williams, M.A., principal of the College of the Bible, which was located in Glen Iris.
The church hall was officially opened on Sunday 27th. November 1955. 
The hall was also built by volunteer labour.
Source: “Morwell Advertiser”
The Historical Society also had this article about the 40th Anniversary of the Church on a 2005 newsletter.  I remember each of these people from my childhood.  If I remember correctly Sue Lacey came to the Church on my wedding day to see me married.

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