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Pooh Reflecting
Pooh Reflecting

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Geography Trip to Broken Hill

In Form 4 we were given the opportunity to go on a bus trip to Broken Hill as a Geography Excursion.  Not sure how long we were away.  I think my geography teacher then was Ross Hartnell - although he may have been my Form 5 and / or 6 teacher.  I think we went to the Wimmera, then to Broken Hill.  I remember Mallee scrub, and the mine at Broken Hill.  The bus driver was Bluey - and believe it or not he was the driver when I later went on a bus trip to Western Australia when I was at College.
At Broken Hill we went for a drive out to Silverton to see Mrs. Alfonso's Felspar mine.  I remember we drove along dry creek beds for some reason -  but we got stuck and had to reverse back and continue on the roads.
We also went to Mootwingee Gorge where we saw some Aboriginal cave paintings.
Here is a link to some beautiful pictures of Mootwingee Gorge.
Mootwingee Gorge
We also went to the Opal mining town of White Cliffs - much of which is actually underground.  Very desolate.
White Cliffs

I really enjoyed the trip.

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