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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Robin Hood and The Saint - two childhood favourites

This afternoon I was doing my usual two things at once (watching TV and typing on the computer) when I heard a familiar voice.  Without even looking up I knew that the voice belonged to Richard Greene - the one and only Robin Hood!
As a child I adored Robin Hood, because I thought Richard Greene was it and a bit.  He has a beautiful, distinctive voice.
Richard Greene as Robin Hood
Sadly, the movie which was on television this afternoon did not have any of the other regulars of the television series.  The characters were there, but not the original actors.  I found this blog which seems to be dedicated to the 50s / 60s series.  This is another website providing a lot of information about the series and the actors who played the main roles.
There were two actresses who played the role of Maid Marion - Bernadette O'Farrell and Patricia Driscoll.  I think I must have liked them both, because I don't remember them being different.

This is the theme song from the TV series - if you read the comments under the video you will see (among some nonsense posts, and lots of "naughty" versions of the lyrics, and references to Monty Python's 'lyrics'!) a post from a man who was actually in the group that sang the song.
Click here to hear the lyrics.

Amazing how many people have fond memories of the show.  Just wish that with all the rubbish that is on TV today they would repeat some of the good ones, like Robin Hood.

Of course, my other favourite as I was growing up was The Saint, with Roger Moore.  He was my teenage hearthrob.  I even managed to get his autograph once - a real one, not a printed one.  My aunt Joan, who lives in England, went to a Church fair where Roger Moore was going to open the whole shebang.  Unfortunately it was raining, so I was lucky the autograph survived.  But, oh, how proud I was when the autographed program arrived and I took it to show my friends at school.  Must scan it one day and add it on here.
This theme tune still makes my heart start to flutter!
Click here to listen to the theme song.  Don't you just love the way he raises those eyebrows and looks at his halo?

I just love his facial expressions. No-one can play the Saint like Roger Moore. I quite liked him in James Bond in later years. According to someone on one youtube site Ian Fleming, who wrote James Bond, originally wanted Roger Moore, but he was committed to The Saint. Ironically, apparently the producer of The Saint originally wanted Sean Connery for the role, but he was committed to James Bond.
Roger Moore as The Saint
I not only liked the TV series, I enjoyed the books.  I acquired, and still have, a collection of probably twenty or more Saint books.  Must check them off against this list to see if there are any I don't have.

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