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Pooh Reflecting
Pooh Reflecting

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Coles Cafeteria in Melbourne

Coles Cafeteria c1953 (from SLV Victoria)
A real treat when I was a child was being taken to the Coles Cafeteria for lunch.  This would have been in the 1960s.  Often it would be my Nan who took me, or my mother, or both.  It was so exciting being able to choose what we wanted as we slid the tray along the counter rails.  Sometimes we must have had to tell Mum or Nan what we wanted because we would be given 'table duty' - i.e. we had to sit at the table chosen, minding Mum and / or Nan's parcels while they got the food.  Funnily enough I can't remember what we did choose.
I do remember the 'S' shaped chairs with red seats and backs - not sure if they were leather or vinyl.
When I was a young mum myself I remember taking my daughter to Coles Cafeteria too.
I loved 'the city' when I was a child and a young mum.  Now it is so different, and hardly worth visiting.

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